Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual month-long celebration, September 15 - October 15, in

which the contributions and heritage of American Latinos are celebrated throughout the

country. Through our new campaign we are challenging ourselves and our allies to RISE:

Register to vote. Ignite community involvement. Strive to grow our political power. Engage, by

becoming citizens, and mobilizing others to get involved.

We understand the importance of this moment in our nation’s history. We’ve spent this year

defending our friends, family, and neighbors against unjust deportations. We’ve defended our

right to access affordable healthcare against politicians who would cast life-changing votes in

the middle of the night. We have stood up to outright racist laws, like SB4 in Texas. Laws that

will subject Latinos and other minorities to discriminatory stops and questioning by officers

about their citizenship or their immigration status.

From September 15 - October 15, we will RISE against racism and hatred, and RISE into action

and mobilization. We understand the need to be vocal and present because we know that’s

how we win. This year we’ll RISE by elevating the voices of our LGBTQ community, immigrants,

Afro-Latinos, celebrate our indigenous ancestors, and young voters. By layering a strong digital

campaign to our on the ground work, we can amplify our reach and lay the necessary

groundwork for 2018.


For the past two years, Voto Latino and key partners like Mi Familia Vota and iAmerica, have

created a coalition of more than 500 organizations and individuals, including media

companies, influencers, small businesses, non-profit partners, and artists involved in their

communities. Through culturally relevant online content, webinars, on-the-ground activations,

and distribution of partner toolkits, we educate and engage Latinos at a national l and local

level. The coalition works to transform Latino heritage into community and political action for

generations to come.


● +500 partners

● 261,389,259 social media impressions

● 81,500,128 social media reach


With our community being called upon to increase its civic participation and show its political

muscle -- not to resist the nativist agenda but to assert our power and presence in the political

debate -- the RISE partners must be ready to lay the groundwork this year to mobilize in the

2018 elections. The RISE campaign will initiate the 2018 voter engagement campaign, by

increase voter registrations and bringing together hundreds of partners who are committed to

creating political change through the power of our vote in 2018.



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